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excerpt from my dream journal #1

hansel and gretel found a house of sweets.
meanwhile, i found a house of chocolate. the house was moderately sized, and looks as if it belonged to another time when my granny was a little girl. it was secluded from the rest of the neighborhood, distinguished by the walls of pine trees. i found it when i was playing hide and seek with my class mates after school ends that afternoon. a faint whisper commanded me to walk into the woods. somehow i didn’t resist; instead i followed its lead, which then brought me into this strange house.

this would make sense if i had lived in the northern hemisphere, because let’s be honest, it’s not quite realistic to have a house of chocolate in a country with tropical climate. the house could survive the night. however, 2 hours after contact with sunlight and it will be gone.
perhaps i read too much for a little girl. wait, i’m not so little anymore; i’m ten. i’m old enough to be a hogwarts student.

but in a world where you can catch pocket monsters in your devices, talk with boys who live in a world of binary codes, and found your love in unexpected places; anything should be possible.


not everyone had a happy childhood, and that’s okay.
when you were a kid, people often asked, “what do you want to do when you grow up?”
and you would answer with a dazzling smile plastered on your face, your soul as green as a maize field in the summer.
you have no idea what’s in store.
you only knew what kind of job you could possibly acquire in the future from your parents, friend, or what you saw in the media.
as you grow up, you realised…
nobody said the future was meant to be easy.
storms come and go
and hearts break and heal
but you have to

stay strong.

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